Happy Winter Holidays and New Year

Washington 211 would like to wish you a warm winter season and happy New Year . . .and to thank you for helping us connect people with community services that can make their lives better. At our current call rate growth, Washington 211 is likely to connect with over one million people in the coming year, helping them find assistance to maintain their housing, feed their families and stay healthy.

But these connections would have no value without the network of community organizations providing these services. Your support of this network is appreciated. Our 211 Washington Counts website can show the types of needs in demand based on your county, school district and even zip code. And to learn more about the network of services in your community, you can contact your local United Way

Voices of Gratitude Provide Depth to Annual Report Numbers

While our most recent annual report covers how statewide call volume more than doubled from the previous year, it’s the comments shared by those we help that tell the real story of 211 such as:

  • “It’s a relief to know that I’ll have electricity and a place to live and food. I really appreciate you guys” — from a caller who received referrals to rental, utility and food assistance.
  • “This system works. . .If someone else doesn’t use it, they’re missing out” – from a caller who received a referral to legal assistance.
  • “Even if you don’t have the information I need, you can always point me toward where I can get it.” – This caller sought a crisis line regarding domestic abuse.

Washington 211 Adopts a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Integration Plan

The Washington 211 board has adopted a vision statement and plan to guide our efforts to ensure we provide diverse populations with services that meet each community’s unique needs. Our vision: “Washington 211 strives to meet the ever-changing needs of all individuals and communities with compassion, empathy and respect.” You can see our full plan on our website.

State COVID-19 Hotline Still Hooking People with Rides to Vaccination Sites

Until the end of December, Washington 211 and local Washington United Ways have funding through the “Ride United” program to continue offering free and discounted rides to vaccination sites to those transportation challenges. 

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