1. The more detail in the search term, the more relevant and concise the results will be.
    Ex: Search term “food” for zipcode 98901 returns 162 results. Search term “food pantries” in the same zipcode returns 35 results.

2. When typing a search term, a drop down list appears under the term. For more relevant and concise results, select the term that best matches the type of service you are seeking.

3. Select the location that you want to search. If you have location service enabled on your phone or computer, the location will be automatically selected for you. If you leave the location field blank, it will include the entire state.

4. You can search by service category by first selecting location and then clicking the link in the category list at the bottom of the page.

Check out these helpful tips below before you search for services here: https://search.wa211.org/

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