Dear 211 leaders and supporters,

The Washington 211 Advocacy Day in Olympia will be February 11 (National 211 Day). Your full engagement in this day will play an important role in supporting our request for $222,000 in critical equipment and infrastructure upgrades.

Key to the success of this day are legislator meetings. Call center managers should start arranging meetings now with their Legislators for that day. Here is a spreadsheet of legislator information you can use to contact and track your scheduled meetings. If you need help or guidance on how to do this, contact Paul Knox.

A Checklist for the Lobby Day:

  • Put February 11 on your calendar and start getting appointments with legislators.
  • Arrange for lodging. If you are attending the NCCD Call Centers meeting on February 10 in Olympia and staying over for the Lobby Day, Washington 211 will reimburse. NCCD meeting details will be sent separately.
  • Register for our reception. Washington 211 is a sponsor of the Washington Non-Profits reception on the evening of February 10 at the Governor’s mansion. Details and registration here (link).
  • Let Paul Knox know which legislators you are meeting with and when so we can get an idea of which legislators are getting our message.

Lobby Day Logistics: Our lobby teams will meet for last-minute preparations and information sharing in the Joel Pritchard Building, beginning at 7:30 am. We will claim a table or two in the café. This will be an opportunity to go over meetings and assign Washington 211 board members to attend Legislative meetings with the different regional call centers. We also will schedule time around lunch to regroup and discuss how it is going.

We look forward seeing you in Olympia for another successful session!

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